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The philosophy here follows Nietzsche's formula for happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal.

The goal is to create work that is innovative, inspired, relevant and authentic. The straight line is inspired by minimalism, honest material, and elegance in both a functionally fulfilling and expressive way. The Yes and No derive from business conducted in a straightforward, communicative, and accountable manner.

The son of an engineer and machinist, Jerry's upbringing and creative pursuits have led him to accumulate years of experience in a variety of design-build environments. These pursuits amount to a degree in architecture, and years of experience in metal fabrication, computer-aided-design and manufacturing, fine woodworking and mechanical engineering. He constantly strives to acquire new skills and experience while offering beautiful additions to the built environment. He is proud to both live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

This site attempts to document a variety of the work described above, as well as offering original pieces for purchase.